Training Events

Training Events

Two Phase, TOT 1

This phase of training is aimed at understanding the Biblical basis for NT and basic principles of wholistic community based development.   It is broken into two phases of 14 hours each, Phase I is the underlying principals and core values. Phase II is introducing people to ways to get started in a city.



This second phase is designed to prepare trainers for two tasks: (1) equipping the development committee to lead the development process in their own community, and (2) training NT volunteers for home visitation. TOT 2 focuses on capacity building for the committee, facilitation skills for the trainer, teaching methods and materials, and equipping for the NT volunteers.



This third phase of training is done after a NT program is successfully adopted by a community. TOT III focuses on the evaluation of the project as well as how to multiply the project into other areas. This training is not required for a NT program, but is very useful for evaluation, multiplication, and management of a program.


Other Training Opportunities

Small Town and NT 14 hour introduction to how NT works in small towns, rural locations, as well as in Native Americans towns. View Topic List

Clinics and Neighborhood Transformation 14 hour introduction on how NT can work in conjunction with an existing clinic. This is especially designed for US Government funded Community Health Centers which are required to be in the community.  View Topic List

International Neighborhood Transformational/Urban CHE. This is a 14 hour Introduction to NT being used in cities around the world. There is little emphasis on how to get to know your neighbors since most 2/3 world cities, people are already relational.  View Topic List

Combined Neighborhood Transformation (USA city) and CHE (rural International) This is a full 32 hour TOT with participants interested in USA Cities and Others in International CHE. About 50% of the classes are done in one group with the balance being in either city or rural group.  View Topic List

Neighborhood Transformation and Refugees. This is a 14 hour introduction to NT designed especially for working with refugees.