City Catalysts

City Catalysts

A City Catalyst is a key person in any city that begins to:

  • Identify a prospect (in a church or non-profit) who might be interested doing NT,
  • Develops relationships with interested individuals/groups,
  • Promote NT throughout the city,
  • Then trains interested groups at a weekend training,
  • Then coaches the teams as they begin work in their chosen neighborhood.


Below are a few of our City Catalysts! Each one is reaching their community in a different way.

Rebecca Ifland

City Catalyst - Kingston, WA

Meet Rebecca Ifland. Rebecca and her husband live in Kingston, WA, a small community of 2,500 people. After homeschooling 8 children over 27 years, Rebecca was ready for a new challenge. As the Lord called her to volunteer in her town, He also led her to Neighborhood Transformation to help her love her neighbors.

One of the simplest things she does has great impact. In an effort to build relationships with the people in her town, she walks everywhere she goes. As she walks, she often talks to the people she passes.

Rebecca is working with the local businesses, non profits, churches and ordinary people and bringing them together to create change in the community.

Craig and Donna Estep

City Catalyst - Goddard, Kansas

Meet Craig and Donna Estep.

The Esteps have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

They live in Goddard, Kansas-a town of 4,000 people.

Imagine if neighbors worked things out civilly and with patience. Imagine if they were able to work out their problems and not have them escalate to the point of no return.

This is what the Esteps are accomplishing through their City Ordinance Partnership.

If someone has a complaint about their neighbor, they call the city ordinance officer and he contacts Craig and Donna. They try and find a solution to the problem that benefits everyone. This creates better community and makes relationships stronger.

The Esteps work hard to invest in and develop their neighbors.

This is a time consuming and sometimes expensive commitment, but the Esteps are in it for the long haul.

You can join Craig and Donna in what they are doing in Goddard, Kansas!

If you would like a short video on ow they have made a impact, please send us an email!

Jim and Phyllis Null

City Catalyst - Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky

Jim and Phyllis live in the Village of Lockland – a small urban-suburban community immediately outside of the northern City of Cincinnati line.  Their village is divided by the north and south bound lanes of interstate 75 – one of the busiest highway systems in the United States.

Their “heart-focus” is to unite the churches community wide in an effort to introduce the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus across all demographics.

They also serve as City Catalysts for the metro Cincinnati Area, Southwest Ohio and into Northern Kentucky.

Jim and Phyllis can be reached through their website or through their ministry entity, the Metanoia Center.