Leadership Involvement

Leadership Involvement

Getting Started Involvement


  • Start applying what is learned in the target neighborhood.
  • Do Asset Mapping in neighborhood, bringing new people with you.
  • Become part of the planning and leadership team in your place.
  • Become part of the facilitation team and begin to do ministry in the neighborhood.
  • Lead small group trainings around the groups interests even if new to being a facilitator.
  • Train potential new trainers how to get started through 14 hour NT TOT. Download Topic List here.
  • Make presentations on NT to explain what to do and elicit people to become a part of NT.
  • Invite others to join you in normal neighborhood activities.


  • Participate in 2nd phase training on becoming a Master Trainer. Download Topic List here.


  • Regularly support NT financially through monthly giving.
  • Provide funding to equip 20 trainers, a full Phase I Neighborhood Transformation training, in a new city $300.
  • Provide funds for travel to a city for a coaching session $500.
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