Europe and International

NT Partners in Europe

RESCOF International is a France-based international non-profit and non-governmental humanitarian organization, an international network of people, churches and organizations, really passionate and committed to Wholistic Community Development, with the CHE program (Community Health Education) as main tool. We mobilize and equip teams from different backgrounds all the year long and now, Urban CHE (called in French “Impact’Ville” / Impact your city !), is implemented little by little in several French cities.


NT Partners with Medical Ambassadors

MAI (Medical Ambassadors)

We work directly in 40 countries and indirectly in 35 countries through training and consulting.

In addition, we have taught mission organizations and indigenous groups in more than 50 countries how to use the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy.  Many of these have taught others. Through the Global CHE Network (headed by former MAI veteran staff), we can track those who have received CHE training in 126 countries. Here in the U.S. (CHE) is referred to as CNT or the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation.

Some regions where we work are not publicly disclosed for security reasons.