How NT Works with Your Cause

What is a Cause?

  • It is something that catches our attention and excites us.
  • It motivates one to accomplish what the cause spells out.
  • It is a dream that causes us to action and involvement.
  • It gives you reason to get out of bed and motivates you throughout the day.
  • It comes in small pieces.
  • It is seeing a need that resonates with you and then stepping forward to do something.
  • And all of a sudden you realize what it is.

How Do You Find The Cause God Has for You?

  • Seek God for guidance.
  • Look at what excites you and motivates you to do something. Look for opportunities to do things in order to see if it catches you.
  • Help others work on their cause.
  • See where God is doing things and become involved.
  • Look at your skills, knowledge and passions in your life.
  • There are no accidents, therefore when something happens look for God’s guidance.
  • Look back at our life and what excited you at different times in your life.
  • Do things you normally don’t do. Be obedient when God puts something in your path.
  • Look for others like you.
  • Be willing to do on own even if no one else helped.

NT’s Cause Statement

To see transformation in all areas of life: physical, spiritual, emotional, social and economic in individuals, neighborhoods and cities.

We accomplish this by: Connecting Neighbors—Creating Community—Transforming Neighborhoods

This results in:

  • People knowing, loving, caring and serving their neighbors
  • People taking responsibility and working to change their reality
  • A  reduction in disease, crime, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction
  • People knowing Christ with healthy, growing  churches
  • Improved employment and living conditions
  • Hope, health, and enthusiasm toward neighborhood life

The long-term goal is transformation in all areas of life. Therefore Neighborhood Transformation provides training and coaching in all areas of life found on the Cause page.

Neighborhood Transformation helps people identify where they want to start the change in their own life, then as an aggregate they come together to transform their neighborhoods and then these neighborhood come together to transform their city, all from the bottom up.
There are materials dealing with

  • Wholistic Transformation
  • Transforming Individuals (Women, Children, Youth, Men)
  • Transforming Neighborhoods
  • Transforming Cities
  • Dealing with Poverty
  • Getting and Keeping Jobs
  • Starting Businesses
  • Wellness
  • Housing
  • The Homeless
  • Refugees
  • Creating a Good Place Where you Live and Work

Topic Lists

Click the links below to open/download a topic list of available workshops.