Ways to Get Involved

Get Involved

Getting Started Involvement


  • Volunteer with a non-profit or church that is in line with your passion
  • Walk your neighborhood regularly. greeting people as you see them on the street
  • Walk in the neighborhood with others, gathering information through your senses
  • Go to a neighborhood meeting with someone else
  • Provide administrative help occasionally, remotely or face to face
  • Create interest in your area of influence to learn more about transforming a neighborhood  and to hold an initial training
  • Input data to set up database for asset responses with a local Neighborhood Transformation group.


  • Read books about cause from our reading list such as Multiplying Light and Truth (MLT). Purchase MLT here.
  • Learn about Discipline of Love and create possible list. (Click here to a download paper on Discipline of Love)
  • Click here to purchase the movie God Bless Child and then view it at a home with others and debrief as group.


  • Have friends give a financial gift to your group of choice in place of a birthday gift.
  • Provide a Workshop Manual to an group of your choice to give them ideas how to get started.
  • Provide needed materials or funds for an event by making a donation to the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation!


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