What Is Your Passion? Mine is Transformation

I am beginning a series of blogs on Wholistic Transformation of which this Blog being the Introduction to a series of eight more posts which will cover:
• What is Transformation
• What Wholistic Means
• Biblical Basis of Wholistic Transformation
• Why is Wholistic Transformation Important
• Transformation Requires More than Doing Things for Others
• How will We Know if Transformation is Happening
• How Do I get Involved in Wholistic Transformation in My Place
• How do I get Involved in Wholistic Transformation More Broadly

The purpose in writing these blogs is to find like minded people who have an interest and or passion for Transformation. Then we want to help them better understand what Transformation is all about and how they can get involved where they are and in simple ways. But first let’s talk about people’s passions.

Steve Moore in his book Who is My Neighbor? talks about passion. There are two levels of Passion; Interest Based and Issue Based. We need to have ways that people can become involved in their interest and passion level that they are willing to become involved in: He talks about two types of passion
Interest Based where people do things for fun as it brings them enjoyment.
Issue/Cause Based where people become more and more involved because it brings them a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
He depicts an Issue/Cause Based Passion as what he calls a Passion Pyramid with Level 1 being the base and Level 4 the top.
Level 1: Learning More About an issue or cause that attracts them.
They are willing to spend time in learning more what the Issue/cause is all about.
Level 2: Engaging in Activities is becoming involved in doing things and
learning more as their commitment to the issue is growing
Level 3: Influencing Others by sharing what they have learned and done
with others because they want to see their passion spread.
Level 4: Heavy commitment and leadership is present even when sacrifice is needed.
They continue on spreading and leading no matter what it takes to accomplish their passion

The Blogs will use this approach in identifying people who resonate somewhat with our cause of Transformation. Then help them learn about the issue and get them involved in simple ways where they are and hopefully they will begin to spread their growing passion for Transformation among the people in their sphere of influence.

So come join us each week as we learn more about Transformation of Under-served Urban Neighborhoods

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