Biblical Basis for Neighborhood Transformation

Neighborhood Transformation’s Cause Is:
Equipping churches to assist neighborhoods out poverty and people to maturity in Christ.
The Biblical Basis for our Cause
Participate in God’s mission to restore all creation to wholeness by being faithful witnesses in Word and Deed through Gods redeeming love and work.
• Luke 10:27 Love God totally in areas of your life which deals with whole person and reach out to your neighbor in love as you would for yourself.
• Luke 4:18 &19, Isa 61:2&3. Deal with the whole person by reaching to them in all areas of their life.
• Luke 9:1,2 & Luke 10, 1,8,9, Paul sends out 12 and 72 disciples to reach out wholistically to others
• Matthew 28:18-10, We are to teach all God has commanded us to do which is to deal wholistically with people.

What the Bible Calls Us To Do In Relation To Our Cause
• Love all people and reach out to them don’t wait for them to come to me.
• Love requires a relationship therefore must get to know people can’t just give people things.
• When we do things for people that they should be doing for themselves we actually hurt not love them.
• The goal is a ministry that deals with all areas of a person life thereby transforming them from the inside out and then these people in a given neighborhood are transforming their neighborhood in the same way.

How Our Cause Intersects With A Regular Person
• It gets people out of their comfort zone and into the neighborhood which is a hard step for many middle-class people to do.
• When we do things for people we (which we are inclined to do) we make them dependent on others which is not showing love. We have to equip people with a different worldview of empowering not doing things for others.

Do you have an interest in Neighborhood Transformation’s Cause?
There are many ways you can become involved where you are. Contact to learn about them.

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