Organic Community, Great Book

John Myers wrote a book Organic Community comparing a community that is designed and encouraged by organic growth versus a community that is designed by a master plan. As the title implies an Organic Community is what Myers heavily favors. There are nine elements he uses to describe the difference between organic and master planned growth.

Many of you have seen notes from Stan on books looking at different types of organizations from the Birth of the Chaordic Age, to Just and Lasting Change, to Good to Great, to The Starfish and the Spider, to the Tipping Point.

Back in 2004, MAI/LWI talked about the the upside down pyramid, but that turned out to be the wrong analogy.We have been attempting to try to describe a organizational style that fit the growth of our CHE Movement which has taken on a life of it’s own.

I believe Organic Community finally describes what a movement is all about and what both GCN & CNT have been trying to foster over the years. To whet your appetite Stan has again created his notes which you can see at:

Great reading

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