This is my first blog that I have written on Saturday 3 January. Being a sports fan I am doing this watching the Phoenix Cardinals play in their first play off game in many, many years.  I hope to have something every week.

I trust that you have had a very blessed Christmas. If you are visiting this blog you must have already gotten the latest Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation New Letter.

Over this Christmas holiday I have written three new lessons based on two of Darrow Miller’s new books, Life Work still in draft stage which is on vocation and Nurture the Nations which is all about women.  That got the juices going which caused me to create three new lessons on World view:

  1. Worldview
  2. Biblical Worldview
  3. Comparisons of World Views

In addition I reviewed some of my past readings on Poverty and I am creating a lesson on Poverty, Different Causes and Solutions to Poverty based on five different books on the subject who are:

  • Jeffery Sachs, The End of Poverty
  • William Easterly, The White’s Man Burden
  • Ruby Payne, A Framework for Understanding the Poor
  • Muhammed Yunnus, Creating a World Without Poverty
  • Robert Linthicum, Empowering the Poor

In the lesson I have created a two page paper for each author based on the 10 to 15 page notes I did after reading their books. These longer notes can be found under the Articles button and then  Book Reports and then a folder on poverty if you want to get some idea what we are talking about. I will inroduce this lesson possibly at the march Urban neighborhood Transformation training in Orlando 9-13 March.

I addition I just read an interesting new book Out of Poverty by Paul Polak whose basic premise is, the way to help the Bottom of the Pyramid people, those making under $2 a day, free themselves from of poverty is to help them increase their income through appropriate technology in agriculture. This book isloaded with many different ideas how to do this. My book notes will also be posted under poverty.

Well enough for now. I trust you will come back regularly to see what I am sharing and respond to my thoughts. also go to the Web site for some of the articles and things I am and will be talking about.

Stan the Urban CHE Guy

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