Stan Rowland

Stan Rowland
Director Emeritus

Stan Rowland’s educational background in Business and Hospital Administration culminated at Harvard Business School and UCLA. His first 15 career years were immersed in the marketing and management in industry for a large corporation. He eventually established a hospital management company involving 55 rural hospitals in 17 western states.

Twenty-five years ago he initiated the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy for Campus Crusade for Christ in English-speaking Africa. He moved to Medical Ambassadors International in 1990 to facilitate CHE throughout their ministry.




CHE is committed to a wholistic community-based development approach to ministry, which deals with all areas of individuals and communities lives. CHE is now being used in 118 developing nations by 525 teams in over 5,000 rural communities.

In 2004, Stan left the position of International Coordinator to spearhead the development of new strategic ministries for Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation which equips churches in North America to assist neighborhoods out of poverty through focusing on their assets and help to people to maturity in Christ.

Stan is currently involved with the urban poor in the USA. He has adapted the CHE principles used internationally for use with the urban poor in the USA where it is called Neighborhood Transformation (NT). Currently he is involved directly in helping to mobilize network of churches in cities across the USA to use NT. Currently Neighborhood Transformation is being used in 25 cities in North America.

The underlying premise is to deal with the whole person and community and help them take responsibility for their own lives. Key CHE principles are to reawaken neighbor helping neighbor, identifying assets in their community and helping use these assets to deal with their own interests and issues. Move from being dependant on others to become interdependent on people in their community.

Stan has published a book entitled Multiplying Light and Truth, which is translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. He has coauthored four other books and written a number of magazine articles. He is a frequent conference speaker in the United States and throughout the world.