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Large Scale Community Wealth Building
Grand Canyon University

Spiritual Multiplication
The Great Commission in 37 Years!

Transformation and You

Suburban Poor
This video shows that today over 50% of the poor live in the suburbs. They are no longer confined to the older so called Inner city.

Disciple Making Movement

Joining with God in the Local: What We Do from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

This video is from the Missional Network. Alan Roxburgh is explaining what underlies what we do in Neighborhood Transformation.

A non-profit working in asset based community development, Heights of Hope (in partnership with Good Samaritan Ministries) works with neighbors in the Holland Heights community to help create a better neighborhood. From cookouts, to clean up days, to working on getting a neighborhood bus shelter; neighbors plan, dream and engage each other to build healthy relationships in their community. 

Building Community: Unity. Ownership. Action. from CFA Videos on Vimeo.

What if poverty could be stopped before it started. It can be done by building strong neighborhoods. People are the foundation on which a strong neighborhood is built. It comes back to neighbor knowing neighbors and strong relationships in place. This video makes a strong point for it.

Place Matters: The Parish Collective on Churches, Places, and Spaces from The Other Journal on Vimeo.

It is important for place to central to transformation therefore this video focuses on being involved in a specific neighborhood. This video calls place ‘Parish” which compares to the term of neighborhood church. Focusing on Loving God and Loving your neighbor as yourself.

Neighbor BBQ from Levi Nelson on Vimeo.

Neighbor Barbeque

Inviting Neighborhood Participation from CFA Videos on Vimeo.

Inviting Neighborhood Participation

Christmas Store from CFA Videos on Vimeo.

Christmas Store

Landfill Orchestra

The Art of Neighboring Promo

Every Christian a Missionary - David Platt

Whiteboard Whole Church Whole Gospel Whole World

Restoring the Commission Discipling Nations
Darrow Miller - IWMC 2015

Agapeology Unbranded, Love Like Jesus Loved.

Dealing With Causes

Dealing With Causes of Poverty

Dealing With Causes of Poverty